TOP 5 Things you need to know about facial harmony and cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic operations have grown. More and more people are turning to the scalpel to change their features and feel good in their skin. Therefore, it is important that before making such a decision we understand how facial changes are reflected in our destiny and how they can change our destiny.

I have talked many times about the augmentation of lips. Lips represent a person’s ability to receive and offer love. The lips are closely related to the emotional state of each of us. When we choose to augment our lips, we can expect emotions to manifest much more intensely. Very fleshy lips are a symbol of drama, exaggeration, excess and denote frequent changes of mood.

What is certain is that facial features are constantly changing depending on what the person has in mind and heart. All the actions we take remain on our face. If we choose to make right and good decisions for ourselves and those around us, our face will reflect this. The same thing happens when we go in a direction of self-destruction.

What should you know before deciding to change your facial features?

Consider the proportions of your face. The harmony of the face is given by its proportions: the height of the forehead is double the distance between the eyes and equal to the distance from the base of the nose to the chin. The distance between the eyes should be the same length as the eye, the philtrum should be half of the chin, and the ears should be framed by two parallel imaginary lines drawn at the eyebrows level and at the base of the nose.

The principle of symmetry. The face can be divided into 3 levels. The upper level is the forehead delimited by the hairline and eyebrows, the middle level is the area from the eyebrows down to the base of the nose, and the lower line starts from the base of the nose to the chin. When the 3 levels are of the same height, it can be considered that the person is balanced and has a harmonious face.

Animal-like facial features. It often happens that we meet people who have facial features like those of an animal: cat eyes, foxy look, etc. Changing these characteristics so that the resemblance is accentuated can lead to imbalance. Why? Because it is important that these features do not dominate the face, because they deepen the reactions that the person has.

Fleshy features vs. bone. Some faces are angular, cold, bony, while others are fleshy and inspire kindness and protection. A harmonious face is a combination of bony and fleshy features. Be very careful when choosing to reshape your nose, chin, jaw line, cheekbones!

The nose symbolizes the ego, sexuality, and integrity of a person. It is not for nothing that men are told that their partner’s nose is their lucky star. The ideal nose has an angle of 45 degrees at the top and forms an angle of 90 degrees at the base.

Cheekbones are a symbol of ambition and courage; they are the ones that show us the vitality and goodness in a person. Well-defined and firm cheekbones give a youthful air to the person in question, and if they are prominent, it means that the person is arrogant.

The chin represents strength and determination, endurance, and vital energy, and together with the jaw line it indicates the way a person approaches life and how he copes with life’s challenges.

For example, if you change your nose, it is important to be aware that your eyes will be highlighted, and your chin may become more prominent. Therefore, a holistic approach is needed in decision making.

The harmony of the face is about proportions and not about perfection. Measurements made to determine the balance on a person’s face are important, but not as important as the interaction between the traits themselves. And here comes the Yin-Yang principle.

According to Chinese philosophical concepts, there is a complementarity between Yin-type features (ears, hair, eyebrows, eyes, arches, cheeks, tip of the nose, filter, mouth) and Yang-type features (forehead, bone arch, nose bridge, cheekbones, teeth, jaw, chin). The smooth transition from one feature to another, from the Valley (Yin) to the Mountains (Yang) and vice versa, creates harmony on the face. In this context, a trait that individually can be considered unfavorable can be interpreted as positive.

Is the face harmony the same as beauty?

Beauty standards are constantly changing and are related to the desire to be more and more attractive. Finally, we talk about the survival of the species. It is interesting that we always gravitate towards symmetry and harmony, which we also look for in people’s faces, because it is a sign of health. What is beautiful, and God loves it! But what do we do when the proportions are exaggerated? We lose interest and the attraction goes away.

Maria Montessori said that “Beauty lies in harmony, not in contrast; and harmony is refinement, therefore, there must be a finesse of the senses if we are to appreciate harmony. ”

Take good care of you and made mindful decisions!

Suada Agachi

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