How to recognize a zodiac sign only by analyzing his facial features?

There is a type of face reading technique based on planetary type. This means that there are physiognomies with Venusian features, with Mars features or with Mercury features and so on. The trick is that all these planets are included in the Zodiac, meaning that each zodiac sign has a correspondence with a planet.

There isn’t much information about this, or research like in the case of the Chinese Face Reading technique where you know how a person looks in relation with each element (there are 5 elements Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth) – there are certain characteristics which are clearly stated. When it comes to the zodiac sign and its facial characteristics, if you want to look at a person on the street and say “that’s a Leo” or “that’s a Capricorn” you notice that they are more subtle. I did research regarding this, and I thought to bring forward the information.

Aries has Mars as its dominant planet; it’s a fire sign, a masculine sign. In other words, men, women who are born in this sign, have bony features, well-defined jaws, or a bone structure very well highlighted on the face. You will notice in an Aries man that he sometimes has a certain unevenness at the level of the forehead, as if he is going to fight. When born under the sign of Mars, there is that planetary physiognomy that speaks of these characteristics: well-defined jaws, thick eyebrows, close to the eyes. The look of an Aries man is very direct, intrusive gazing, he looks at you in a way that you feel invaded. He is athletic and has a medium or even high height.

People born under this sign have as the dominant planet Venus. They represent the element of earth with a feminine side, whether they are men or women. You will notice their specific characteristic, namely the lower lip which is somehow fleshy, or the lips are beautifully contoured. In physiognomy the lips represent the cravings, or the carnal pleasures. It is generally known that Taurus is a lustful sign. They are attractive, they have beautiful faces, they have a special charm. Women have a cat-like gaze, the shape of the eyes is cat-like, or they have round and very expressive eyes. Remember, Taurus’ face is incredibly beautiful but cold face, you don’t know how to approach them. Being under the sign of the earth element there is that rigidity marked on their face. And when it comes to men or women, we will always find a layer of fat, either on the belly or on the arms, even if they are slim. But they tend to gain weight after 30-40 years. You will notice a specific feature in them, namely the eyelashes. Regarding hair, they either have rich hair or have a V-shaped hair insertion because the sign of Venus is characterized by a very beautiful hair.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, it’s a masculine air sign. Being born under the sign of Mercury, they show sharp facial features, their whole face is sharp. Either their nose is sharp, or they have a sharp chin, or the inner corner of the eye is sharp. In addition, they also have chameleonic features. They have this ability to be a good spy, or a chameleonic person. The mouth has certain atypical features: it is crooked, or the upper lip is much more voluptuous. Everything related to communication is around the mouth and can be easily noticed.

If we talk about Cancer, which is ruled by Moon, the facial traits it would be that the eyes are farther away, or closer. Cancer holds a feminine aspect, whether we are talking about women or men, they have big eyes, like a child. When they look at you, they have a child like gaze, or a pure look, full of expectations and sentimental. They might have extremely round eyes, very big, and they look at you as if they are waiting to receive a gift at any moment. And you can notice them on the street because they carry a certain level of sensitivity, and they need to be approached differently. It is possible their jaw area is very withdrawn due to melancholy, or the mouth has the corners down oriented. This is how their sadness is written on their face. It is also a sign for the emptiness that they carry. Cancer women have thinner hair, and it is always hard to be arranged, no matter how hard they try. Their physiognomy fluctuates. For example, when they wake up in the morning, they can have a puffy face and during the day they become chameleons, their face changes in areas that is becomes more swollen or less.

Leo is ruled by Sun, it is a fire and with a masculine energy. Women always have rich hair, or they arrange it in a way to show volume. If their hair is thin, they can use extensions or use hairspray to increase volume. They have certain desires related to hair: it must look majestic. If it’s not about the hair, then their look is hypnotic. As in the case of Aries, their pupils are dilated. When you talk to a Leo, whether it is a woman or a man, when he stares at you and you will notice how his pupils grow, especially when he is praised or when he likes the interlocutor. Their voice has a very strong resonance; you will hear from afar that you are sitting with a Leo at the table. When he laughs or speaks. you hear a warm but low voice. They may have dimples in their cheeks or chin or may have triangular signs of fire on their face, such as arched eyebrows. Everything is somehow imposing on their faces. Regarding their physical constitution, the shoulders tend to be slightly narrower with a wide pelvis, or vice versa. Whether we are talking about a woman or a man, we notice a triangle – wide back, narrow pelvis or vice versa, this triangle being a symbol of fire.

Virgo is under the sign of Mercury, a masculine sign and an Earth symbol. Their face is serious, drawn, long, their nose can be long and bony, very well defined. Their lips are straight or closed perfectly. Their gaze is half-open, or they look at you with a bit of ignorance or detachment. Nothing impresses them. On a Virgo’s face you will not read the surprise in the usual way like “wow you gave me a gift, it’s good that you came” you do not see their face brightening. Everything is cold, detached. The president of the country or anyone important can appear next to them and they will remain unbothered; they look somehow royal. When a Virgo appears, your tendency is to rearrange your outfit, to look at yourself if you look good, because of his critical eye. Virgo communicates more non-verbally, due Mercury, that is, he tends to deliver certain information only through gestures. Virgo speaks in a certain way, that you feel the intention when he tells you “You can go out”. It is their special charm. Otherwise, they are much more withdrawn when it comes to expressing their emotions. And their cheekbones are bony.

In the case of Libra, Venus and Saturn appear as ruling planets. These people are Venusians, masculine air signs. If we think of a Libra woman, we think of an artist who just appears and performs in front of you. You might recognize her by the perfume scent she leaves behind her. For example, whenever I go to the mall and smell a strong perfume, I think that the person who left the trace is either a Leo or a Libra. Libra has a seductive look, and if it is hidden under the glasses, it becomes even more seductive.

Scorpio has Mars and Pluto as ruling planets. It is a water sign, a feminine sign. Aries has also Mars as ruling planet, but in the Scorpio’s case a very imposing, robust constitution, the jaws are well defined, the lips are either fleshy or the eyebrows are very beautifully drawn. When a Scorpio looks at you, you are already wondering how to get closer to him and find out more about him. It often happens that Scorpio would hide his face under hats or sunglasses. The Scorpio woman uses various tricks to hide. Scorpios are the most occult people in the zodiac and the most chameleonic because they also have Pluto as ruling planet. Scorpio is the hardest sign to read in the entire zodiac. You can’t identify him on the street because he can be anyone. If he wants, he can look like anyone, because he is a water sign. One minute you see him, in the next one he becomes invisible. A Scorpio will never show his true face. And in physiognomy, if you want to analyze a Scorpio, it is advised to study his hands as well. Because his fingers will look differently. His fingers are either long or sharp, or the form of the nails is beautiful. You may not be able to access his face, but his hands will expose him because he has atypical hands.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is a masculine sign, a fire sign. In the analysis of the planets, the face ruled by Jupiter is the most pleasant face, the face of a great sage. If you watched Harry Potter, the wise man’s face in the movie: it’s that bearded man’s face, with a high, curved forehead, with big and well-formed ears, with visible eyelids and fleshy features on his face. The nose is in harmony with his face and in alignment with his forehead. You will not encounter an aquiline nose, a deformed nose or asymmetry on his face. For example, Gemini or Libra may have asymmetries on their faces, because their mental state keeps changing, but when it comes to a Sagittarius, he is pleasant looking, incredibly attractive and has a wise face. The lips show the feelings of a man and when you talk to a Sagittarius, the first thing you’ll notice will be his mouth, because he is eager to say pleasant words.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is an Earth sign. Somehow it resembles the features found in Virgo’s face, but in this case, we also meet a lot of wrinkles, either wrinkles on the forehead from youth, or in the mouth area, or they have facial grooves. There is a lot of “rough terrain” on their face and they might have signs from a strong acne. Their face has a lot of signs and scars. Capricorn has a somehow pessimistic face. He is an optimist in his pessimism, and this is also reflected on his face. This sounds strange, but it can be possible. Capricorns are not the most optimistic people. They are not, but that helps them to do things slowly and safely, in a truthful way. He likes direct paths and things, and he does not like to pretend. His face is full of wrinkles and shows his inner turmoil and the desire to transform negative things into diamonds.

Aquarius is under the sign of Saturn and Uranus. It’s an air sign. The older these people get, the younger they look. As time goes on, after the age of 40-50 years old, these people do not age anymore and their faces and do not need special crème or adjustments. We will notice that Aquarius people may have a dimple in their chin, or their eyes are very expressive, they rarely blink and they stare at you. Aquarius is a sign of communication and ideals, and its ideal is seen on the forehead. Either they have a V-shaped hair insertion, or they have a curved forehead, or a very expressive look and a nose with beautiful features. In some cases, Aquarius men have the nostrils very well defined, folded because they show their desire to impose themselves, to lead the world or to change the world, to make a much better world. The bottom of the face may show signs of aging if they fall into depression or melancholy, because it is difficult to get them out of these states due to Saturn. But Uranus helps them look like this, stops time for them and they stop aging if they follow their path.

Pisces is under the sign of Jupiter and Neptune. It is a water sign, a feminine sign. The face of a Pisces is not expressive: the eyes are big, bulging, may have a long face, possibly fleshy and a meditative look, in the sense that they look like they do not find their answers and direction in life. They have very large eyelids, their features are pulled down, a long face and a long body with legs that become narrower than the rest of the body. If you look at their feet, it is as if they do not match their body from the waist up. These people have a very deep philtrum, a beautiful, contoured chin, a twisted chin. If you meet a Pisces on the street and you look into their eyes, you will see that they come close to you, wondering “how does this person know me?”. Unfortunately, they may suffer from the rage of persecution, or have superstitions, so that they will come to you and seek to find out who you are. Otherwise, they will be haunted by questions during nighttime because they are quite easy to impress. If you know someone in this sign and look into their eyes, you will see that they change their eye color, for example from green to blue, especially because they tend to be easy to impress.

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