Pandora Lenormand

Pandora Lenormand

220,00 lei

Available from 26 mai 2023



Available from 26 mai 2023

In Greek Pandora means with all the gifts and mythology teaches us that Pandora was the first woman created on Earth by the gods and the dominant feature attributed to her was hope. Mademoiselle Lenormand was the most famous fortune teller of the 19th century and the method used by her was translated into the 36 simple, intuitive and easy to use images.
Pandora Lenormand teaches you to discover and value your gifts, invites you on an initiatory journey and challenges you to discover yourself as you are, with good and bad, keeping hope as an eternal guiding light. This deck of cards challenges your intuition and the card spread methods will answer all your question related to the past, the present and even future events.
Lenormand deck of cards is used worldwide in all types of activities and with remarkable results, being an excellent tool for self-knowledge and personal development. Anytime you’ll use Pandora Lenormand cards and work with the symbolism of each image, prepare to get in touch to the deepest meanings of reality.
The 36 images of Pandora Lenormand keep the same original objects from the cards used by Marie-Anne-Adelaide Lenormand, painted in an expressive and suggestive form under the guidance of Mrs. Suada Agachi, Physiognomist and specialist in Face Reading Techniques and author of Maktub Tarot card deck.
The long experience in the study of esoteric knowledge supports her approach to create this new deck of cards based on a wisdom that transcends the imagination and strives for perfection.

Price: 220 RON

Pandora Lenormand box contains:

  • 36 cards
  • 1 blank card
  • 1 booklet

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 9,7 × 6,5 × 2,3 cm


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