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Passionate about the study of ancient Egyptian art, painting, sculpture and the specific architecture of the civilization from the Nile Valley, dating from times and sources that even today remain a great mystery, Suada Agachi found inspiration to create a set of exceptional paintings. They contain the most powerful symbols that are meant to guide the viewer on the Path that was written for him by the Creator himself. They are an infinite source of inspiration and are loaded with an impressive revealing force.

In her travels through the whole Egypt, Suada Agachi visited places full of history and memories of a civilization that today is almost impossible even to immagine. From the big cities to the least accessible regions for the average people, Suada has rediscovered meaningful stories, limited and wise knowledge, and the hidden meaning of the symbols that we find these days all around us.

The entire experience gained by Suada along with the meaning and the purpouse of each symbol were mysteriously metamorphosed into the 78 Arcana that compound the Maktub Tarot. The person contemplating the images of that 78 paintings will connect to the most discreet depths of the being, accessing his/ her own inner Guide. That person will intuitively find the hidden secrets of his/ her soul and will become aware about the wright stepts to do for a perfect life.

The 78 Arcana of Maktub Tarot were first born into the impressive imagination of the author – Suada Agachi. Expert in Face Reading Techniques, Suada designed and realised one of the most vibrant Tarot deck. The 78 unique oil paintings were painted on canvas according to the author’s instructions, by the talented Romanian painter Răceanu Adrian Mihai.

Today, that impressive work is the wonderful result of more than 7 years of research in the Egyptian realm, to which we need to add many other studies about symbolism and hidden messages in Tarot cards.

Each of the 78 Arcana depicts a mirror which reflects the human being. The one who looks at the Tarot Arcana is actually looking at an essential chapter of his life. The position, the look, the gestures, the actions and each of the elements that describe the characters inside the paintings, represent a gateway to the fascinating world of the Tarot as well as to the inner personal universe.

If you look closely at an Arcana, if you listen carefully to the message that it sends you or if you find yourself in the dynamics of one of the paintings, you will immediately discover your way. Each path will guide you towards youself but always on a different way. Thus, you will discover a world full of possibilities and chances.

The look of the character in front of you indicates the direction in which you must concentrate your attention. No matter what answer you are looking for, you will find your inspiration in that right direction.

Each Tarot card is called: Arcana. The meaning of the term is mystery, secret or enigma. The Tarot game has a very long history and the name Tarot itself means Life. Thus, the 78 Arcana contain the meaning and the secrets of the whole Life. They represent a special type of wisdom consisting of universal elements and symbols. They contain archetypal characters and are designed to provide the necessary guidance both when used individually or all at once.

Life has been, is and will probably remain a mystery for a long time. Man can, in his best version, enjoy all that he has and all that is destined for him.

Throughout her life, the creator of these wonderful Tarot cards felt best when she was around people and when she was able to feel a lot of vitality around her. Thus, she turned her searches into experiences and her knowledge into a lifestyle. All this has created what is now known as Maktub Tarot.

The term Maktub comes from Arabic and means it is written. The complete alchemy of all these elements gives rise to an authentic philosophy of a special wisdom, transforming the 78 Arcana of the Maktub Tarot into the wisest and most comprehensive expression: This is how Life is written.

The 78 Arcana fall into 2 broad categories:

I. The first category consists of the 22 Major Arcana, numbered from 1 to 21, along with the first Arcana – The Fool, which has no number. Arcana number 13, unlike all the others, is the only one that has no name.

II. The second category consists of the 56 Minor Arcana and those are divided into 4 groups corresponding to the 4 elements they represent in their images. The 4 Elements are coded under the following names: Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords. Their symbolism and correspondence are as follows:

The Cups represent the Water which symbolizes emotions.

The Wands represent the Fire which symbolizes desires.

The Pentacles represent the Earth which symbolizes the body.The Swords represent the Air which symbolizes the intellect.

Each group of the 4 elements consists of 14 Arcana distributed as follows: an Ace, 9 Arcana numbered from 2 to 10 and 4 Court Arcana.

The 4 Court Arcana have their own names: Page, Knight, Queen and King, representing the character in the image, to which is added the name of the corresponding element: Cups, Wands, Pentacles or Swords.

If the Major Arcana represent the 22 stages in which the Human Soul, depicted by the first Arcana – The Fool, goes through the journey of his life, the Minor Arcana reproduce the tools that he has to master in order to reach perfection. The 4 symbols of the Minor Arcana are the 4 primordial Elements that created the world around us. Thus, regardless of the Arcana you are considering, it will describe in precise details the phase that you are living in that moment, the abilities that characterizes you better, the advantages you have in order to achieve your goals, the actions you have to do right now and a lot of other clues that will help you do everything better.

The person that takes this path is urged to make wise use of the inspiration he will receive by using the Maktub Tarot. Each Arcana generously provides access to its inexhaustible source of knowledge and does so unconditionally. The usefulness of this work is impossible to describe in words and all those who understand its mysteries will achieve the greatness of their lives, corresponding to the fulfillment of their own Destiny.

Suada Agachi

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